Men’s Clothing and Budget Tips

1.Essential items every men should have in his wardrobe:

caots, suits, shoes
  1. A well fitted suit in good color like grey, black or in navy for formal occasions.
  2. A dress shirt in light blue, light pink or in white color for a versatile and classic look.
  3. Button-down casual shirt which we can wear everyday.
  4. Pair of high quality jeans in dark color like black and dark blue.
  5. Leather belt which matches with the shoe color.
  6. Shoes are very important for different occasions. For that you have pair of dress shoes and sneakers.
  7. A tailored coat or a jacket for protection against the elements stuck with the clothes.
  8. A variable sweater such as crew neck or V neck used for different occasions.
  9. A wool scarf for added style and warmth in the neck.
current fashion trend

2.Current fashion trends in Men’s clothing:

  1. Bold and bright colors: Now a days men’s like mostly bold and bright color for wearing. Mostly people wear these clothes according to occasions like marriage ceremonies and on other occasions.
  2. Loose and Comfortable form: Most people love to wear loose and comfortable clothes like baggy pants and comfy.
  3. Streetwear and athleisure style: People mostly love to wear casual dresses like shorts, trousers, hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers and tracksuit.
  4. Textured and patterned fabrics: People love to wear patterned fabrics like different patterns on their shirts, on trousers on their hoodies.
  5. Sustainable materials: People with low income prefer to do thrift shopping. because that material is in use but it is branded.
  6. Oversized outwear: Lot of people love to layering with oversized outerwear like long coats, Cardigans men sweater.
  7. vintage inspired looks for men: Lot of people love to do vintage inspired looks mostly on some function or in university, colleges programs. e.g they love to wear like Thomas Shelby caps, coat.
  8. Oversized glasses and jewelry: Mostly people love to wear glasses and jewelry like Silver rings, chains, bracelets.
fit for your body

3.Choosing right fit for your body type:

  1. Measurement: Always take accurate measurement of your body parts like chest, waist, hips , length to find the right size.
  2. Body figure: Always choose clothes that flatter on your body shape like relaxed fit for larger build or slim-fit for a slim body.
  3. Balanced look: Choose right pieces for your body like a shorter jacket for short man and longer jacket for tall peoples.
  4. Comfortable cloths: Always choose Comfortable cloths which or not too tight or not too loose.
  5. Style: Always consider your personal style and choose pieces that reflect it.
  6. Occasions: Always choose right fit clothes according to different occasions.

4.Good options for Men’s clothing for different occasions:

Some good option for men’s clothing include

office wear

Office wear:

  1. Dress shirts in solid colors like white, black, grey, light blue or light pink.
  2. Slacks or dress pants in neutral colors like black, dark blue, grey, navy blue.
  3. Try to wear dress shoes like black or brown leather.
  4. A sports coat or blazer for formality.
  5. Always select a tie with unique color.
  6. A leather belt usually matching with tie and shoe colors.

Formal wear:

  1. A light blue dress shirt
  2. A well-fitted suit in navy, grey or black.
  3. Dress shoes in brown or black leather
  4. A tie in matching color
  5. A pocket square for adding style and color
casual wear

Casual wear:

  1. T-shirts in differenet colors like white, black, blue or try to wear with patterns.
  2. a sweatshirts and hoodies looking more comfortable
  3. Always wear denim jeans or chino pants
  4. Sneakers or casual shoes
  5. mostly people love to wear caps, watches and glasses too.

5.Some ways to enhance an outfit for men:

  1. Adding a belt: by wearing a black or brown leather belt can complete a mens look and it also keeps our pants in its right place.
  2. Wearing a pocket square: According to different occasions men’s mostly put pocket square in their coats to add styling.
  3. Wear a watch or bracelets: Mostly people love to wear watches, bands and bracelets that complements their style.
  4. Knitting tie or bow tie: Lot of people love to knitting tie or bow tie according to occasions.
  5. Wearing caps or cowboy hat: According to styling people love to wear caps e.g Thomas Shelby cap style or cowboy hat.
  6. Wearing sunglasses: Mostly people love to wear sunglasses , night glasses, rectangular glasses, square glasses according to their styling like rayban.
  7. Adding a scarf: In winters people love to add scarf in their necks to warm their body and adding a style.
  8. Wearing jewelry: People love to wears jewelry like rings, chains and bracelets.
  9. Carrying a backpack: A beautiful backpack or briefcase serve as practical accessory but also added a touch to style.
wardrobe collection

6.Creating a functional and Versatile wardrobe in limited budget:

  1. Match and Mix: Always choose functional items which we can worn in different ways such as a sweater that can be dressed down or up.
  2. Shop sale and clearance: try to do shopping when items in the shops are in discounts and deals. it can save your money but can fill up your wardrobe.
  3. Invest in Quality materials: Try to invest in quality materials which you can use in different seasons and they are well fitted like jeans and dress shirts.
  4. Shop second hand: Try to do Thrift shopping which are second hand but they are branded and durable materials and fit for your wardrobe.
  5. Altering your cloths: Try to alter your cloths which are oversized or loose. after alterations they are fit for your wardrobe.
  6. Choose classic style: Always try to avoid trendy items that would go out of fashion quickly.
  7. Choose neutral colors: Always go for black, white , grey and navy colors. these are foundation of your wardrobe. These colors are easy to match.
  8. Accessorize: By adding interest to your outfits try to collect belts, ties, neck scarfs.

When we focus on versatility, affordability and quality, we can create a functional wardrobe that will last for years to come.

In conclusion, Men’s dressing play a vital role in enhancing men confidence, Always try to wear according to the occasions. Wearing fit suit or loose oversized its on your own choice. Shop from Thrift market for branded clothes and to fill your wardrobe. Collect the items like suits, shoes, tracksuits , shirts , belts, tie for your wardrobe.

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